Sunday, November 15, 2009

first year at CPUT

My first year at has been the best year ever. i came to Cape town on the 18th of November 2009 at was the first time i moved away from home and it was a huge challenge for me. the thought of starting a new life gave me goose bumps. i had to make new friends, start a new claa and saw new faces every day. I HATED it.

During the first few months, i was lonely, scared and miserable. i had to drag myself to come to class everyday. i always wanted to be my on my own and after class i'd rush and catch the first train. as weeks went by i adjusted to the life, i found new friends and got involved in lot of things and now i am much happier. i only think about home when it's holiday time otherwise my firsy year at CPUT is not bad at all.

PR class of 2009

the Pubic relations class of 2009 was the best class ever. we've achieved so many things in just a few months. We came from th faculty of business and we took informatics and design by storm. we took first prize when we hosted a market day competing with all the other faculties, although we knew nothing about the faculty. We dedicated alot of time to the tasks we were given, we went around asking for sponsorship and we took the first and the second prizes for the best stalls.

Monday, October 26, 2009

PR is the best course

i never thought PR could be this exciting, i only thought we would be sitting on our desks, going to class, listening to the lectures and taking notes everyday but NO! in PR we focus more on the practical side... we go to outings, we see and explore things. We plan and organise. Public Relations is such an awsome course and i hope everyone is enjoying it.